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The 2017 World Beard and Mustache Championships Gallery is Here

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I Dressed Models In Sand, Water, Fire, And Wind

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Britain’s ancient parliament officially goes “business casual”

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High Speed Modelling Shoot Gets Interrupted

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How a Kiwi designer made a Maori-inspired premiere gown for ‘Moana’ star

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Nike is releasing its self-lacing sneakers from Back to the Future II through a frenzy-inducing raffle

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Eco Product of the Day: Bionic Yarn Makes Cool Clothing From Plastic Bottles Recovered from the Ocean

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First Ever Jewelry Collection For Bearded Men

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365 Days of Makeup Applied All at Once

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15 Beautiful Watercolor Gowns by Jaesuk Kim

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LuLaRoe Price List – It Is So Affordable!

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LuLaRoe: Mom Clothes Are Cool Again

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This Baby Dresses Better Than I do… In Her Sleep! (15 Photos)

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Behold, the worst Apple Watch accessory ever made

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These Artists are Guerrilla Printing Manhole Covers Onto Shirts and Bags

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Hillary Clinton’s superstar roster of US designers is making campaign swag great again

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India will finally get affordable, homegrown versions of Zara and H&M

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Photos: A world of Muslim style, for celebrating Eid in the United States

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This Scarf Hides Your Face if Flash Photography is Used

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This is what ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ would look like in 2016

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Stephen Curry’s maligned “middle-aged dad” sneakers have been great for Under Armour

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Hollywood is finally opening up to Asian Americans

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These anonymous family photos are like secret works of art

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A man named George received ridiculously long jeans from ASOS and the Internet died

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Rihanna Models Dior Sunglasses in New Campaign Images

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Levi’s made a smart jacket using special threads from Google

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NBA’s Russell Westbrook Tattered Fashion Choice Got Ripped Apart on Twitter Worse Than the Actual Shirt

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The rise of athleisure is eating into the profits of regular clothes

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I Don’t Even Like Hats!

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Stunning Miniature Landscapes Inside Rings of Wood and Resin

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Photos: Ultra-fashionable seniors are proof that style can get better with age

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This Rocking Chair Knits You a Hat as You Rock Back and Forth

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Prada is in trouble

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Model Shanina Shaik Reveals That Victoria’s Secret Models Eat Three Hearty Meals Before Show

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Model Gisele Bundchen’s Book Sells Out Before It Actually Hits Shelves

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Tim Gunn Drags Kanye West And Kim Kardashian’s Style Saying It’s Dumb, Basic, And More!

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Kanye West releases silent Yeezy Season 2 documentary

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Amanda Bynes Returns To Fashion School

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Victoria Beckham To Open Hong Kong Store

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