Father decks truck out in rainbows to support of marriage equality for his son

fullactApril 13, 2017

Japan has officially recognised a same-sex couple as foster parents

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Professor Quizzes Students On Heterosexuality, Completely Shuts Down Homophobes

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10 moving coming out vlogs to watch on National Coming Out Day

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Heart Warmer of the Day: Disney-Princess-Themed Engagement Shoot Encourages All to Create Your Own Fairy Tales

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Thank You For Being A Friend of the Day: Golden Queen Helps Out Young Queens

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Because #HeterosexualPrideDay is Stupid, a Few Awesome Queer Jews

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Frank Ocean pens heartbreaking letter about homophobia in response to Orlando

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Hacker Trolls ISIS Supporters by Making Their Twitter Accounts as Gay as Possible

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Tweeted Some Beautiful Rainbow Facts in Support of the LGBTQ Community

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The Sims 4 Is Going Gender Neutral in a Big Way, Removing All Gender Restrictions in the Game

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Marvel Fans Really Want Captain America to Have a Boyfriend

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Target CEO Speaks out on Boycotting and Bathroom Policy

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‘Frozen’ Fans Are Asking Disney to Give Elsa a Girlfriend, Because She Shouldn’t Have to Rule Arendelle Alone

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Whole Foods Is Suing the Man Who Claimed They Sold Him a Cake Decorated With a Homophobic Slur

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A Porn Website Just Joined the Ranks of Businesses and Entertainers That Are Pulling out of North Carolina

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Smithers Finally Came out on ‘The Simpsons’

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Korra Creators Confirm Korrasami is Canon

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