Indians need holidays so bad they’ll give up sex, alcohol, or even the internet

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The EU’s top court has decided Uber is a taxi company after all

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Estonia’s going ahead with its plan to be the first country to launch an ICO

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Big banks’ blockchain specialists are flocking to cryptocurrency firms in search of freedom

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The Dutch legal trick Nike used to pay less tax, revealed by the Paradise Papers

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The global adoption of smart cities is making the places we live more open to attacks

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Tokyo is the safest city to live in the world

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Palaces of Self-Discovery: Amazing Libraries Across Europe by Thibaud Poirier

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I Am A Travelling Artist And These Are Some Of My Latest City Illustrations From Around The World

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30 Years Later: Same Locations But Different Me

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This map shows what white Europeans associate with race—and it makes for uncomfortable reading

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All the reasons men prefer Eastern European women, according to Italy’s public broadcaster

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French video trolling Trump has a cock in it, because of course it does

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European Countries Are Competing Who Can Troll Trump The Best

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#EverySecondCounts: European Countries Running For Second After The US

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I’m Currently Backpacking Through Europe And Drawing Each City I Pass Through

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Nissan to start European autonomous car tests in London

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The Insides of these Abandoned Cooling Towers Look Straight Out of a Sci-Fi Film

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IMF chief Christine Lagarde has been found guilty of negligence by a French court in a long-running trial

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Why the world is suddenly so obsessed with Italy’s constitution

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Don’t worry, Angela Merkel isn’t going anywhere just yet

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The most refugee-friendly country in Europe is growing weary

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Tourist Discovers ATM Skimmer In Vienna

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A week after her brutal death, Jo Cox’s district votes to leave the EU

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The #CatsAgainstBrexit Hashtag Is Taking Over Twitter As the EU Referendum Approaches

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Arab Girl Dances To Street Violinist In Italy

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John Oliver On The “Brexit”

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Jo Cox’s alleged murderer says his name is “Death to traitors, freedom for Britain”

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Will Europe beat the U.S. in smart city innovation?

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Google just made a key AI investment in Europe, tax investigations be damned

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France will enlist thousands of volunteers to catch shooting stars

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German Guys Can’t Stop Laughing In Smallest Elevator Ever

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2 Years + 300,000 Photos = One Awesome 4K Timelapse Through Europe

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Meme Cats Go Grocery Shopping In German Commercial

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Wakeboarding In A Tuxedo In Amsterdam

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European Windows Are Awesome

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Visa wearable at Eurovision gets you access, beer and sausages

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Blowing Up A Computer

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Qualcomm sees IoT and 5G driving European DSM

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A small drone has collided with a British Airways plane over London

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Asking People If They Need A Cellphone In 1999

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What Peaceful, Free and Open Borders Look Like

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10 Cheapest Countries To Explore For Backpackers

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